(Centro Nacional de Entrenadores de Futbol) is the National Soccer Coaching Centre in the country of Spain. With intentions to promote and defend those interested in training as a professional or corporate coach, CENAFE’s program aims towards coaches who aspire to obtain the Official Coaching Degree of Soccer.


Having Spanish Professionals teaching the course, our desire is to influence and maximize the potential of Soccer Coaches who in turn can help develop a better program within the United States, improving the mindset of each Coach while teaching to extract the very best out of every Soccer Player.

Our Tactics are Spanish Based, being taught by professionals who aspire to advance and elevate the level of Soccer throughout the United States. Every Method we use attracts Coaches and players to enhance their knowledge and abilities.

Every Course will be taught by a Spanish Coach/Professor who excels in aptitude, striving to give a more beautiful game to the world.

Sponsors and Corporate Partners