Master of Soccer Coaching Initiation

Cenafe Schools (National Center of Trainers) of Spain, within its program of international expansion, goes a step further with the consolidation of its formative action in the USA. Coordinated by the Center's teacher and future Director there, Rubén Caño, in the first half of next year 2017 will be offered a Master's of Soccer Coaching Initiation in San Diego, California.

After completing this Master's (you will have 65 hours of theoretical and practical education), those students who do it will have the opportunity, prior homologation of their studies completed in the country of origin, to take the official course of coach Level 1 - Sports Technician in Futbol - of Spain in the Community of Madrid.
For this, Cenafe Schools will design a specific intensive course for students from the US, without neglecting the educational quality that is the hallmark of the Center. This intensive course, respecting the teaching time (455 hours), will take place in one of the venues with which Cenafe Schools has in the capital of Spain.

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